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What is it You Can Learn About Alternative Agriculture?

There are a large variety of agricultural options other than an increasing unhealthy dependence on pesticides and fertilizers for growing our food. These methods will not only increase crop yields, but cut growing and storage costs, produce higher quality produce (that receives a higher price), and healthier products to boot.

It's unfortunate that because of the influence of big-agra, today our farmers don't even know how to farm anymore. If an insect pest attacks a farm, farmers are stumped as to what to do and then take it to their local ag supplier to look up in a book what chemical to apply. Farmers have lost all contact with the land and the natural rhythms of farming that produces a healthier crop and therefore, healthier humans who consume that food.

What other options are there?

There is eco-agriculture. There is organic farming and biodynamic farming. There is calendar farming and lunar planting and sowing. There is biological farming and sustainable agriculture. There is radionics farming. There are a variety of techniques that teach farmers how to grow larger yields, at less cost, with healthier crops than what is now done. The variety of options includes:

  • Organic Farming
  • Biological Famring
  • Biodynamic Farming
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Calendar Farming
  • Self-sustaining Farming
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Permaculture

What has to be done?

(1) You have to test your soil's fertility, and balance your soil with the addition of the right minerals. You have to encourage the growth of the right microorganisms in the soil, for the soil is a living organism itself.

(2) You must plant the right type of seeds at the right time, and use the right type of rotation of crops to renew the soil.

(3) You must select the right type of fertilizers for your soil.

(4) You must use herbicides and pesticides in minimal amounts and stop depending on toxic materials. You must learn to control weeds and insects through soil fertility.

(5) You can produce healthier livestock via more natural farming methods.

(6) You can market more products, and at higher prices, if you adopt the well proven principles of direct marketing to farm management.

This is the field of "alternative agriculture." It involves soil fertility and natural pesticides. It involves weather engineering and clean sources of water. It involves lunar planting and harvesting. It involves manures and soil micronutrients. It involves farming as a sustainable business. It involves a whole variety of healthy, sustainable, and PROFITABLE activities that make farming a more efficient, profitable, enjoyable and satsifying occupation.

Alternative Agriculture ... Welcome to the concept.

Alternative Agriculture

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